Inspirational women on International Women’s Day

It can't have escaped your notice that today is International Women's Day. I've seen a lot written about it and it's really made me think about the women who have been, and continue to be, inspirational in my life. I admit that I did have to google IWD to check my understanding, and it is … Continue reading Inspirational women on International Women’s Day

Mother’s Day, without a Mum

So it's started again. In amongst the social media posts of cheerful spring flowers and new season wardrobes are the reminders that Mother's Day is coming. Personalised gifts, hand made cards and restaurant bookings all send an alert that a special day is on its way. But what if your Mum is no longer here? Despite … Continue reading Mother’s Day, without a Mum

Forever 21

When I tentatively admitted my blogging ambitions to two friends early in the new year, they each separately (this wasn't a mass sharing session) admitted to their own aspirations for the new year. And they weren't of the get fit variety, but were both long-nurtured dreams of doing something that makes them very happy but that … Continue reading Forever 21