I’ve been putting off writing this page for ages … who wants to know about little ol’ me, right? Okay, I know you do (or you wouldn’t be on this page), so here goes. My name is Nicola and I’m married to Richard, the original Planet Ferguson, so named because he has the ability to go off to his own planet where life is good and nobody can reach him! My blog captures life of all the Fergies on Planet Ferguson. We have a 14 year old daughter and 11 year old twins, and live in Oxfordshire, having spent many years in Hertfordshire. I grew up in Sussex, where my family still live, and really miss the sea.

Rather than my life story, here’s 20 slightly random facts about me:

  1. I make myself laugh, which always gets an eye roll from both husband and daughter
  2. I am slightly obsessed with swimming pools and when I can’t sleep, I think about beautiful pools I have been to around the world
  3. I was a ball girl for Steffi Graff and Martina Navratilova
  4. Before the twins, I was a marketing manager, most recently for TK Maxx, which I loved. I now work for a local branding agency
  5. I am a school governor, believing that every child should have the best education possible
  6. I hate eggs and mushrooms but love salt & vinegar chipsticks
  7. If I could go back to school, I would either train to be an architect or do something with interior design. Careers advice was rubbish in the (late) 80’s!
  8. I love travel and holidays – taking the kids to New York is next on the list
  9. I want my children to remember their childhood as full of fun, love, hugs and kisses
  10. But I am also quite a strict mummy: I like to think of it as ‘firm but fair’ but I can’t stand rude children (or rude people in general, thinking about it)
  11. We went to Las Vegas for my last big birthday and I want to go to the Ice Hotel for my next big birthday (ages away yet – better get saving!)
  12. I love Champagne, which I blame on working in the marketing department at Thresher, next to the tasting room! Fizz makes the world a better place
  13. There were no twins in our family before ours popped up!
  14. Salcombe is our favourite place in the UK: we’ve had so many happy times there
  15. My dream is to do more copywriting for brands (see no.4)
  16. My children moved schools last year as my daughter was being bullied, which broke my heart
  17. Kindness is such an important trait but very underrated (see above)
  18. Since I’ve had the twins, I have a super sense of smell, which is often a curse. One of my favourite scents is eucalyptus
  19. I met my husband at university: we’ve been married 21 years this year
  20. I am old enough to know better!