It’s just a phase …

In my quest to write a blog, I signed up to 14 days of tutorials from WordPress, which finished yesterday. I have just finished reading Day 2 (I’m doing sooo well!), which was about Titles and Taglines, and although I haven’t hit the spot yet, it has got me thinking.

When the kids were little and we (they) were going through the different stages, my Mum (who I miss every day with all my heart) used to say, “It’s just a phase”, which over the years has made me pause and think, “They won’t be doing this forever” and given me a little perspective on that moment. And it’s true, they are no longer constantly falling over, missing the potty, gagging on lumpy food (yuk), waking us up at 5am, refusing all fruit and vegetables (see aforementioned gagging), crying over lost teddies or hating babysitters. But now we’re in the teenage years, it feels like a VERY long phase – and we’re only a year in! So is life just a series of phases? Do we have our own phases? If so, I’ve been through my 20s career-building, having fun & travelling phase, I’ve had my 30s raising young children and juggling work phase and now I’m in my 40s (gulp) knackered phase, raised teens and teens-in-training. Hopefully next comes the 50s (still a long way off!) phase of more travel and fun, with or without the kids.

Reading this back, it looks like the fun and travel stops when you have kids, which of course it doesn’t: raising children is great fun, but for many of us it’s a holiday in France (which I admit I love), rather than a romantic trip to the Maldives, skiing in Verbier, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef or shopping in New York. Ah, one day …

So, back to titles and taglines, I’m thinking along the lines of Life’s just a phase, A phase in my life, The teen phase, It’s all just a phase … nope definitely not there yet but it’ll come. What phase are you in?

Now teens-in-training, this is one of the loveliest phases … the cuddly one.

5 thoughts on “It’s just a phase …

  1. My dear Dad and life long journalist used to say to me (when I was struggling to write essays at school) ‘write what you’re passionate about not what you think everybody else expects you to write’. Whilst I haven’t followed him in his career choice I do apply it in business and it makes the story telling much easier and much more believable. You’ve nailed it – keep going!

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    1. Thank you. And that’s why you’re brilliant at what you do. This one came to me driving the kids to tennis today … this is why I wanted to write, because I always have a little ticker tape in my head of a story. Most of the time it sounds great in my head and then by the time I come to write it, it just doesn’t flow, but tonight I ignored the ironing and sat down to write, having not planned to post today. xx


  2. We are in the teen in training phase (love your use of words here, so will steal it for my own use)! It struck me last night that my daughter, age 11, already acts as if she knows everything, and we, her parents, know nothing. How much worse can actual teen life be? I look forward to your blog with interest!!!

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