The second post …

Okay, so I made a start and huge thanks to those who read it (that’s what friends are for!) … how many will return for more I wonder? Now I just have to keep going.

So, I’ve referred to the teenager (let’s call her ‘K’) but I also have 10 year old twins. Who are brilliant! They’re still sweet (most of the time) and my son (‘B’) comes into bed every morning for a cuddle and promises never to leave me, which of course he won’t. They have funny conversations and say funny things. But here’s the problem; I had to apply for their secondary school places in the Autumn. It’s not that they won’t get in: they will, we live seven minutes’ walk from the school when kids are coming in by bus, but it’s more that I’m not old enough to have all my children at senior school. How did that happen? It only feels like last week that they started in Reception class. I know we’ve moved counties, lost my Mum, had lots of lovely holidays and been through about four cars and a redundancy in that time but still … I am just not old enough to have children who are that old, surely?! We are about to fully embark on the secondary years! K is taking her GCSE options this year so it’s already getting a bit serious but really, my two babies at senior school? My head is going firmly back in that sand.

So back to this angle-thing.

Shopping. Now that is something I am good at (husband says a bit too good). Friends often say if they want to know where to get something, I’ll always have an idea.

I like cooking, or more to the point, I like food and as one of the adults in the house, it often (but not always to be fair) falls to me to cook for everyone. I like trying new recipes but as there’s only so much instruction I’m prepared to take, easy wins are my strategy: food that tastes delicious, looks good but is surprisingly easy to make. And trying to get inspiration for what to cook for those midweek meals drives me mad: spaghetti bolognaise again? So you never know, in the world on planet ferguson, I may share some tried and tested recipes.

Shopping, food, kids: life on planet ferguson.

K’s 14th birthday cake, made yesterday with love but not much of a plan after following a standard sponge recipe plus a ton of colouring!

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