Looking after No. 1

It can’t have escaped your notice, but the words ‘self-care’ are suddenly everywhere; it’s the buzz-word for 2018, following on from wellness, mindfulness and hygge. At its most basic level, it’s simple, common-sense advice to take care of yourself. Call me cynical, but do we really need to be told this? I was listening to … Continue reading Looking after No. 1


Apple Crisp is the new Apple Crumble

Along with bonfires, sparklers and fireworks, this time of year makes me think about warming comfort food; Sunday lunch and a 'proper' pudding. Yes, I know it's Monday but I thought I'd share the pudding I made yesterday, ready for next weekend! Apple Crumble is a perennial favourite in our house and this runs a very … Continue reading Apple Crisp is the new Apple Crumble

Not so ordinary Ordinary skincare

Okay, hands up, it's been a LONG time since I've written anything. Call it a case of writer's block, or maybe it's just being busy with life but I still haven't quite worked out what I want my blog to be. However, maybe actually writing something will help rather than doing nothing, so here goes! … Continue reading Not so ordinary Ordinary skincare


Foolproof Pavlova

Gooey meringue, whipped cream, fresh fruit ... mmmmm! Having tried a few different pavlova recipes over the years, this one by Delia is the simplest and (so far) seems the most foolproof. There's no cornflour and vinegar, which are in many recipes and no trying to judge if it's ready. Put it in the oven … Continue reading Foolproof Pavlova


What we should be teaching our daughters

I bumped into a mum-acquaintance yesterday and she spent 20 minutes talking about her daughter. Apart from not even asking how I am (I've been in hospital with a really nasty ear infection but it's slowly getting better, thanks for asking) or how the kids are, she spent her time talking about another child and … Continue reading What we should be teaching our daughters


Celebration Cake

I'm back! I know it's been a few weeks but I've been felled by an ear infection that ended with a hospital stay. The upside is that the house is full of beautiful flowers and now we've finally broken up for the holidays, I can think about Easter. We have the full Fergie family coming … Continue reading Celebration Cake


Probably the best chocolate brownies in the world …

Hands up, I know many of you will have given up chocolate for Lent but we've given up crisps so this is fair game!  I've just made these with B, who was feeling left out on the baking front, and they are delicious - even if I do say so myself. The recipe is from … Continue reading Probably the best chocolate brownies in the world …